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What is boudoir photography?

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French work boudoir means lady's private sitting / dressing room or bedroom.

Boudoir style photography is sensual, beautiful and sexually appealing style of photography with models in lingerie, semi-nude or implied nude often in a luxury french style setting.

Boudoir shoots can be a confidence boosting experience for a women or unique gift for their partner including bridal boudoir gift from to be bride.

Boudoir photography has changed over the days to be more luxury and the old fashioned style of using soft focus filters are long gone - well you can still find glamour photographers who still shoot such style.

Boudoir photography today resembles more and more glamour photography in a luxury setting but feminine, beautiful and not barring it all. It is more about the lighting and showing enough to be seductive but it is a good idea in boudoir photography to leave something to the imagination.

Airbrushing and enhanced images are not a secret in boudoir photography anymore. Every women should feel beautiful. What you see in magazines is a perfection or a digitally enhanced perfection so why not to use the same techniques to make every female feel great about themselves? Professional retouching can really make a difference but it should not be overdone as it still needs to be you on the photographs.

Retouching is one of the most difficult skills to acquire as a glamour photographer so make sure when you choosing a photographer you like their style of retouching by looking at their portfolio. If photographers got published is often a good indication whether their retouching will be of a magazine standard or not.

Boudoir photo shoots are often a speciality of female photographers as women tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable shooting with a woman. Women often prefer female photographers for their boudoir shoots as it is such a private and personal experience for them which they often do not want to share with another men especially for bridal boudoir shoots which are for their partner.

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